Christine york is a slow motion Video expert at flomobooth, the slow motion video booth company a unique alternative to a photo booth rental   based in pensacola, Florida . 

Christine York 

Christine keeps a bottle of sunshine with her at all times. With a twinkle in her eye, she tries to keep the world around her lighthearted and warm. She balances her happy-go-lucky disposition with a serious dedication to her craft: storytelling.

As a video editor and motion graphics artist, she skillfully crafts emotional experiences that connect with audiences. Before Flomobooth, she thrived in her role as a video editor and producer at a Washington, DC-based video production company and creating wedding films on the side. After working in DC for 5 years, Christine took a major leap to pursue her passion as full-time freelancer, and relocated to beautiful Pensacola, FL.

Her vision for Flomobooth is to spread visceral joy throughout her communities, both locally and nationally, by inspiring playful interactions. She's a firm believer in an endless inner light that we all possess and can share freely. She loves that slow motion transforms how we appreciate these light-filled moments. 

When she's not painting with key frames and editing snappy highlight videos, you can find Christine swooning over (and sometimes doing) DIY Pinterest projects, making friends with animals, and embracing spontaneous adventures.

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Jon deckert is a slow motion Video expert at flomobooth, the slow motion video booth company, A Unique Alternative to a Photo Booth Rental based in pensacola, florida. 

Jon Deckert

Jon is always looking for a chance to brighten someone's day. It's a pretty safe bet he's sporting a smile and a ginger beard, which can be a ray of light by itself. He is fascinated with personal stories and helping people find their voice through still photography or documentary filmmaking. As a photographer and video producer, he creates experiences that capture and celebrate uniqueness.

In addition to Flomobooth, Jon balances his work between video production and photography. Versatile in his skill sets, he shines as a camera operator, video editor, grip and photographer. With his 6 years of experience, Jon sits as Vice President of Panhandle Professional Photographers, and mentors media students at a local high school with the goal to inspire creative solution-finding and confidence building.

Jon's vision for Flomobooth is to give folks an opportunity to experience jubilation with a side of confetti. Knowing the energizing effect the booth has on people, Jon is propelled to share within his community and beyond. He especially loves how slow motion illuminates micro moments.

When he isn't sculpting light and capturing moments worth remembering, Jon loves learning (or laughing!) with the help of YouTube videos, enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee and exploring the vast landscape of life.

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